Custom Design

Our factory is able to tailor make a mosaic design to your specifications.  Saw a design on our website you want to change a bit?  Would you like to insert some glass hexagons into that copper mosaic design?  

Did you see a photo somewhere online of a mosaic tile you liked and wanted it copied? Or did you have something stranger in mind, let us know and we can most likely do it.


Full customisation like this doesn't usually even add any more to the price, however as it is a special order you would need to pay the air freight coming from the factory in China to your location.

The price of the air freight depends on the quantity you order but as a general rule it adds about an extra $200 per square metre to the price. Having said that though, an extra $200/m2 to be able to have your own (possibly strange and wild) design made I don't think is unreasonable.

Head on over to the Contact Us page, send us a message to discuss your dream mosaic.