01035 Copper Fan Factory Seconds Mosaic Tiles

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50 sheets
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20 units
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50 units
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Product Overview

 These mosaic tiles are ideal for indoor wall applications such as kitchen splashbacks. 

The sheets may have a one or more pieces on the sheet that have a problem. These fan pieces may have glue on the surface, the copper may be dented or other problem.  These pieces can be easily cut out and replaced with better ones during installation.


Mosaic tiles are mounted on a nylon mesh sheet.

Sheet size approximately 265 x 235mm. (Approximately 16 sheets per square metre)

Piece size: 75mm from side to side, 40mm from top to bottom.

Priced per sheet.

Factory seconds are sold below our cost price and as such no further discounts.

Copper can be prevented from tarnish by either a monthly wipe over in oil such as olive oil or sealed more permanently with a copper sealer product (from paint supply stores).

Ideally cut with a tilers electric water cooled saw.

Non-sanded grout.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review