0HG-Y034 Marble & Glass Mosaic Tiles

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Product Overview

This mosaic tile pattern is hand crafted from marble and glass for the purpose of tiling the kitchen or bathroom. The marble is polished and, thanks to that, it has a nice glow to it and it looks beautiful on any wall. This particular mosaic tile combination has been designed for use on walls only, not the floor and it is more for indoor use than for the outdoors. The design is classy and unimposing, thanks to the darker colours, but if you really take a look at it, you can’t be unimpressed by the sheer beauty of the design.

If you put these tiles in your bathroom, you won’t regret it, since the darker colours really give it a sense of style. This is a glass and polished marble combination and with it you will give off an impression of someone who has really invested into his/her bathroom. These surfaces are very reflexive and can be perfect to spread light during your long baths. You can use candlelight to create a relaxing and meditative atmosphere. Since we always want to leave room for our customers to be creative with our products, here at ExoTiles we have also tried to make this tile combination as versatile as possible and this isn’t the only possible application of this design.

This stone mosaic tile design is bought per sheet and is easy to set up. The maintenance is also very simple and there are few products that can destroy the shine or colour. They are also very durable and you haven’t got to worry about damaging them in some way. They also age well so there is no chance that the colours will fade just due to the passage of time. If you are looking to invest into your tiles this Joanna’s tile design might be the right choice for you. 


Sheet size 300mm x 300mm

Hand made tiles. 

Pricing per sheet.

Stone recommended to be sealed with a stone sealer for maximum protection.

Stock levels are low it would be advisable to check before ordering.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review