0SA398 Stainless Steel & Stone Mosaic Tile

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SA398 Stainless Steel & Stone Mosaic Tile


Natural elements are always good for your home. The reason for this is that they do not cultivate bacteria and germs as much as artificial elements like plastic, fur and so on. Painted walls tend to retain these harmful microorganisms and that is why we usually go for tiles made from natural elements to protect the kitchen, where we handle and prepare our food. If you want to go for a green arrangement, natural elements are a must. Protecting your family’s health is a priority and that is why it is a good decision to go for natural materials, whenever you can.


From a designer’s point of view, natural elements like these stone and steel tiles create an effect of being outdoors and basically open up any room you put them in. Natural elements also blend into any design style with ease and enrich it. This mosaic style pattern has been designed for use in the kitchen, bathroom and living room and can be used to cover entire walls or as decorative elements for a bigger room. For example, you can decorate your living room with plants, stone and steel tiles and wooden furniture and achieve a green design which will also leave you with an impression of being outside. This sets a comfortable atmosphere for a family gathering or for the purposes entertaining guests.


The set up process is fairly simple and if done right, these tiles will last for very long time. They do not fade and loose colour and texture over time. As far as physical damage is concerned, stone and steel are very damage resistant and can survive very serious mishaps around the house. They are very easy to clean and there is no chance of permanent staining. This is also one of the reasons why these tiles are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.


We recommend sealing stone tiles with a stone sealer for maximum protection.

Price listed is per sheet.

Sheet size: 298mm x 319mm

304# stainless steel, suitable for all indoor wall applications.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review