Beekeeping Classes

In addition to selling mosaic tiles I have been a beekeeper for several years. I run hands on beginner beekeeping classes from my home in Toronto NSW every second Saturday. The classes go for approximately 4 hours.

In the class we'll be going into a hands on beekeeping fun and educational experience. After an introduction and safety lesson you will be taught how to be a bee keeper including topics such as tools and equipment, bee life cycles and roles, pests and diseases, Queen rearing. Flow hive Q & A. How to merge a hive, how to move a hive, how to catch a swarm, how to split a hive. Following the theory lesson we will get suited up into the protective clothing and head into the yard. We will first light the smokers (to make the bees docile) then I will demonstrate opening up a bee hive for an inspection.

Then it is over to you, it's your turn to open up a bee hive, pull out the frames one by one and try to find the queen, check she is laying eggs properly, check there are no pests or parasites attacking the hive on the inside and check the bees are building the comb straight.

Tastings of various honeys to follow. 


Tickets available below through Eventbrite.

If you're interested in mead (wine made from honey) check out Honey Wines Australia 


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