HG-CDT379 Glass mix Stone Mosaic Tile

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Special Order

Product Overview

This simple but stylish design with a very authentic blend of stone and glass is a very universal tile pattern. It can be applied to any wall but it has been designed to accommodate the indoor décor and design needs of our customers. As far as the room type is concerned, you can literally set them up anywhere.


The colour pattern is pretty much neutral and can easily fit with any kind of arrangement and interior design style. We recommend it for homes designed in a minimalistic way or for arrangements with natural elements since the stone part of the pattern will blend nicely into that kind of surrounding. The glass part of this interesting combination is there not only for its specific look but also because it can reflect light well and make any room more welcoming and relaxing. This reflecting ability, if you plan it out carefully, can be used to put focus on, for example, the most important decorative piece in that room. A room that is well lit by natural light always gives a sense of open space and seems more welcoming. If creating a relaxing atmosphere is your goal then these tiles are your best bet.


The cleaning and maintenance of these tiles is fairly simple and they are very hard to stain. They are also very resistant to any kind of damage. Some tiles are damage resistant but not scratch resistant but this is not the case with these tiles. They can take a lot and are very hard to physically damage. The price presented is per sheet and the set up time is fairly low. The fact that you can use them as decorative elements in any room is a way for you to tie the look of the entire house together. This pattern really provides you with the freedom to be creative and imaginative. 


Suitable for wall applications such as kitchen splashback or for any feature walls. We recommend sealing stone with a stone sealer for maximum protection.

Sheet size 300mm x 333mm.  Thickness: 8mm

Tile pricing is per sheet.

Minimum order for out of stock/special order  is 44 sheets sheets


This design is a special order. Special orders usually take 3-4 weeks to be delivered and depending on your location and order quantity, additional air freight charges from the factory may apply. Contact ExoTiles for a quote.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review