Luxury Style Black mixed Golden Stainless Steel Metal Mosaic Tiles

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This tile is shipped direct from the factory to you. This is not a tile stocked here in Australia by ExoTiles. We do NOT have samples available. 
Price is per box (1m2) 



Product introduction:


Chip size: 10 x 98/ 23 x 98/ 48 x 98 mm
Sheet size: 200x300 mm
Thickness: 6/8 mm 
Backing: Mesh
Usage: TV background wall, hotel, club ect.




Product Display:


黑色金属不锈钢 中长条 (3)_副本黑色金属不锈钢 中长条 (6)

黑色金属不锈钢 中长条 (1)_副本



黑色金属不锈钢 中长条 (4)_副本










(No reviews yet) Write a Review