Glass Mosaic Tiles - Sydney

Mosaic glass tiles are great on floors and walls and have been very popular in bathrooms, spas, kitchen backsplash, wall facades and as well as a variety of other applications.

  • Hand-made, one tile at a time.
  • Simple to clean and resistant to fading, staining and discolouration.
  • Available throughout Sydney and delivery anywhere in Australia

Glass is recently getting used more and more in making tiles. It is an amorphous material that is solid, brittle and usually optically transparent. These properties of glass make it one of the best materials to make tiles from, since its solidity and transparency make them seem more beautiful than when being made from other materials. The beauty that can be achieved with the glass tiles is the main reason why it is being increasingly used nowadays.

Glass mosaic tiles are a way to make the room you want to have tiled very beautiful to look at. The room tiled with this kind of flooring can get a very stylish and sophisticated look. The rooms that are usually covered with tiles are bathroom and the kitchen, but people use them more today even in other rooms. When used in a bathroom, glass mosaic tiles are going to give the bathroom the look of a luxurious spa, while used in other rooms it will create a sense of lavishness and apply an artsy look to the room.

The glass mosaic tiles come in various shapes and sizes. They can range from really small ones (like half-an-inch by half-an-inch) to normal sizes. Usually, they are made in the shape of a rectangle or a square, but, upon request, custom made shapes are also available for making. There is also a possibility of adding other materials to the glass tiles, thus making a variety of materials a very artistic solution for the room.

The Advantages of Glass Mosaic Tiles

When it comes to the advantages of the mosaic glass tiles, there are many. It is not just that they are beautiful to look at, but they are also very clean, durable and actually ecological. All these make them an option to be seriously considered when installing tiles into your home.

Design and beauty: This is probably the biggest advantage of the glass mosaic tiles. They can make any room seem very beautiful to look at, and create a sense of style and lavishness. This, of course, has to be achieved through proper installation. When selecting the tiles you want, you have the option of choosing between solid-colored and multi-colored glass tiles. Depending on what kind of look you want, you should choose between the two. Some glass tiles manufacturers offer repeating tiles, which are useful when creating a complex picture of an animal, or of a flower, on the wall or the floor.

Cleaning: The glass tiles are very resistant to various kinds of stains, mold and mildew. When it comes to cleaning, it is very easy to see when you should clean them, because they show dirt really easily. When there is dirt on them, it is not hard to clean it. Using a damp cloth or warm water will usually get all the dirt from them, thus not much effort is required in cleaning them. These tiles are also very chemical resistant.

Green: The glass mosaic tiles are very ecological to produce. When producing a glass tile only half the energy required to produce a ceramic tile of the same size is required. Thus, buying them helps keep our environment green and clean, and pollutes it less. Also, there is the possibility of making new ones out of tiles that have been returned as refuse. This recyclability also helps protect our planet from environmental pollution.

Bright and luminous: All the other tile materials absorb the light of the room. On the other hand, the majority of glass mosaic tiles reflect the light, rather than absorbing it (only the darkest glass tiles do not reflect the light). This means that the room in which these tiles are installed will be glowing and shiny as long as there is a light source. This can make the room seem very beautiful.

Durability: The glass tiles are very durable, and as long as they are made according to the ASTM standard, they are going to be resistant to just about anything short of taking a sharp object and nailing it down with a hammer. However, they are susceptible to scratching, but that is under certain conditions only.

The glass mosaic tiles really are a stylish solution for any room that needs to be tiled. They will make the room shine and glow with radiance of joy. However, they are difficult to install without proper knowledge and should always be left to professionals. But, once in place, they will be a beautiful solution for the room.