Stainless Steel Splashbacks - Sydney

ExoTiles range of stainless steel mosaic tiles are perfect as unique kitchen splashbacks or feature wall. An attractive alternative to traditional materials.

  • Hand-made, one tile at a time.
  • These modern and fashionable looking tiles are comprised of a ceramic tile body and a 304# grade stainless steel capping over the top. Indoor wall use only. These create a simple to clean stainless steel splashback, needing only warm soapy water.
  • Mosaic tile prices listed are per sheet.

At the very beginning of this article, let’s examine the properties of stainless steel. The name suggests that it is impossible to stain this material and, unlike ordinary metals, it is not subject to corrosion and rusting when in contact with water and air. People use it for various purposes. It is used for making bridges and various monuments and sculptures, for instance.

007-stainless-steel-mosaic.jpgSince it is a high quality material, people found a use for it in modern architecture, as well. What is considered a very popular and extremely beautiful design of a home environment has stainless steel mosaic tiles installed somewhere. They can, actually, be put almost anywhere in the household. The most common areas are the bathroom and the kitchen, since these are the places where people usually put tiles in the first place. However, some people have gone beyond that stereotype and they have made stainless steel mosaics installed in their floors, ceilings and walls, for example. Some, have gone even further, and added stainless steel mosaics to their garden environment, for example, around pools.

The benefits of choosing a stainless steel mosaic tile splashback is explored in the following text:

             First of all, stainless steel mosaics can be made to form various patterns and designs. They are manufactured to suit any customer’s needs, and the customer has a lot of options to choose from. The customer is also able to explore his or her creative capabilities and try and personally design a stainless steel mosaic. Various ideas can be found on-line, naturally.
             Secondly, they are considered to be a necessary feature, if the customer is looking for a very modern looking design. A, for example, kitchen with a stainless steel splashback from mosaic tiles is considered to be a very contemporary choice. The use of the stainless steel material for mosaic making purposes is highly recommended by many professional interior designers.
             Furthermore, stainless steel is a very durable material. It definitely more durable than, for example, glass, or ceramic, or porcelain, which are all common choices for material, when mosaic tile manufacturing is concerned.
             Stainless steel splashbacks are known to be very hygienic, due to the properties of stainless steel, which is a very clean material. It, actually, doesn’t require frequent polishing in order to maintain its original shine. In plain words, if it is cleaned once a year, everything will be fine with it.

square-stainless-steel-mosaic.jpgAll this contributes to the fact that stainless steel mosaics are a very good and tasteful choice for mosaic tiles. Keep in mind that when one chooses to go for adding stainless steel mosaic tiles into his or her home environment, then it is advised to read the following advice on how to insure that nothing bad happens to the tiles:

             Stainless steel is a metal, and like all other metals, it emits both heat and cold very well. In plain words, if a person’s living premises is located in an extremely cold, or extremely hot region, the stainless steel mosaic tiles, being a conductor of this sort of energy, will become, either extremely cold, or extremely hot to the touch.
             These kinds of mosaic tiles should only be installed on flat wall surfaces, since, if the surface underneath them is uneven, they can get both dent and scratched easily. They are for walls only, not for floors or standing on.

To sum up, after reading the information in the text above, it is logical to conclude, that, with stainless steel mosaic tiles you very much get your money’s worth. Above all, mosaics are commonly considered to, actually, be very fine and highly appreciated works of art. A quality mosaic will instantly increase the house value where it is located. Also, a beautiful mosaic tile is a very classy way of stating that you are a successful man or woman.

Finally, mosaic tiles make the living environment look better, and because of this, they are able to improve the overall quality of living. Quite frankly, there is nothing wrong in having a beautiful decoration on display.