Glass Mosaic Tile Designs To Make Your Bathroom More Lovable

Posted by ExoTiles on 22nd Jun 2015

If you want to freshen up and feel more comfortable, the first room you would like to enter is the bathroom. But, how can you make yourself comfortable if your bathroom looks gloomy?

Experts say there’s a way to enliven your bathroom – add a splash of glass mosaic tiles along with your already installed bathroom tiles. If you want to put some exciting attraction to such area, first you need to consider its colour.

Now, speaking of colour, the first thing that comes to the mind is actually the colour of tiles. Here are some bright ideas from ExoTiles, on the relationship of colours in the bathroom such as:

The brightest tones must be on high zones

The darkest tones must be in the lower zones

The middle tones must also be at eye level

Although, there are no hard and fast rules about those things, yet, try doing it in your bathroom and see the awesome difference.

Remember to have one dominant colour, one less dominant and another that will show prominence at the second look. However, where large areas are concerned, you have to avoid contrast in the bathroom. This is because at first glance, it will really look beautiful but then after a while, your eyes will kind of feel sore.

Want to have a dream bathroom? Go for glass mosaic and it will be the best choice. You decide on which of your favourite colours to pick and with the help of a professional tiler, make your bathroom attractive and sophisticated!

Where To Get Glass Tiles For Interior Design

Here at ExoTiles, we offer a wide variety of glass mosaics suitable for any indoor wall applications. You can install them ideally in your bathroom walls or kitchen splashbacks. In addition, we have colourful glass mosaic tiles in great combination with stainless steel tiles. These will look great either as kitchen splashbacks or in bathroom walls.

At ExoTiles, we make it easy for you to choose the right materials for all indoor design ideas. Designs with the “Add to Cart” tags are readily available and therefore, we can ship them to you in no time if you order them. Browse our gallery today for splendid tile designs even if these are not in stock, because we will sure find a way to have them delivered at your doorstep!