New Meadery Opens in Hunter Region

Posted by ExoTiles on 18th Aug 2020

New Meadery Opens in Hunter Region

We are closely connected to a new meadery Honey Wines Australia, that has recently opened in the Hunter Region of NSW.

Mead, in case you have never heard of it is wine made from honey. Mead is the oldest fermented drink in the world however it is on the rise world wide as one of the fastest growing sectors of the alcohol industry.

Mead can be sweet or dry depending on the amount of honey used during fermentation. Alcohol content can range anywhere up to 20% but is usually around 10-14%.

Honey Wines Australia is an online store that currently sells five flavours of premium fruit based mead. They are all sold in 750ml bottles and made from 100% Australian raw honey.

What is special about this meadery is they are beekeepers themselves and produce all their own honey.

The current range of flavours includes Watermelon, Peach and Passionfruit, Orange and Pink Grapefruit, Turkish Delight and Lemon and Ginger. Check out their Meadery