Tiles FAQ

Posted by ExoTiles on 31st May 2015

Tiles FAQ

What type of grout is best to use?

We recommend using epoxy grout for tiles, particularly mosaic tiles. Epoxy grout is a bit more expensive than standard grout but is it highly mould and stain resistant. 

What are honed tiles?

Honed is a tile finish that is in between polished and matte. It is about as smooth as polished but not glossy. A honed finish tile has slightly more grip than fully polished.

What maintenance is involved with stone and marble tiles?

It is recommended you seal your stone tiles to help keep them as new looking as the day you bought them. Stone is naturally porous and without being sealed will absorb any liquid it comes into contact with. How often you need to reapply sealer is dependent on the wear the tile received, a floor tile might require sealing annually, a wall tile may only need sealing once every 5 years.

How should I clean my tiles?

Warm soapy water with a soft lint free cloth is best. It's best to avoid anything acidic or chemicals stronger than soap as these can react with certain stones

Can stainless steel mosaic tiles be used on the floor?

No, they will get scratched.

How do I cut stainless steel mosaic tiles?

While you can use a fine ceramic hacksaw it's best to use a tilers electric diamond blade wet saw such as in the following video.