HG-BF005A Mother of Pearl Shell Mosaic Tiles

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Product Overview

Mother of pearl coloured real sea shell mixed with glass and marble stone. These are hand made mosaic tiles added one tile at a time.

Sheet size: 293mm x 310mm.  Thickness 8mm.

Chip size: 10mm x 20mm

Tile price is per sheet.

Natural shell colour will vary.

This tile comes with a protective plastic film covering the shell tiles. This is to be peeled off after installation is complete.

Free shipping to NSW and some areas close outside, all other locations freight is absorbed as much as possible.





These tiles are a part of Joanna’s collection. If you are a person that keeps the sea in their heart, this mosaic should be an excellent choice, because it is partially made out of shells. The shell gives them a special, shiny appearance that can be compared with the shine that sea gets when the Sun rays hit it in those hot summer days when you want to do nothing but sunbathe. The mosaic will get you closer to the sea, closer than you ever imagined possible – shells will trigger your memory and they will momentarily put you right there on the beach.

The second part that makes this mosaic a unique one is glass. Glass has become a part of every modern home design – it is easy to maintain and it is not as fragile like it was before, because you can choose the thickness you find most convenient. Except for that, you may play with colours and make your home turn into a carefully designed masterpiece. In order to do that, you should learn about glass and the way it reflects light. Also, glass is great in combination with other smooth surfaces. Depending on your personality, you need to decide whether you want to go with darker or lighter surroundings because you do not want to end up in the 80s with your home turned into a disco club.

The last part of this mosaic is marble. The best thing about choosing marble is the fact that marble will never go out of style and it can be matched with almost anything. It is strong and durable – when you install something in your home that you know has marble as one of its ingredients, you can be sure that it is going to last for a long time. This should be one of the reasons to go with this set of tiles because you can scratch off one of the things to worry about on the never-ending list of everyday problems.


(1 review) Write a Review

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    Looks stunning but a bit of work

    Posted by Anne on 14th Aug 2013

    Fantastic tiles but be prepared to peel off the protective plastic film from each piece of shell which takes maybe 10 minutes per sheet. The shell parts are very shiny and iridescent.