Interior Design and Bathrooms

Posted by ExoTiles on 25th Mar 2014

Interior Design and Bathrooms

A good arrangement of sanitation and the proper selection of tiles, colours and materials will make your bathroom functional, visually and aesthetically beautiful.

The blue colour is often identified with water, and therefore many believe that it is ideal for the bathroom. You can choose whether you want the blue colour to be the dominant colour or just want details in blue that will refresh and brighten your bathroom.


If you are not a fan of strong tones and you prefer to decorate your bathroom with gentle colours, a delicate combination of blue and white colour is ideal. This can be a good solution if you have a small bathroom, because it will visually enlarge the space.

If you do not want to invest a lot of finances, and still want to change something in the bathroom, this can be achieved by painting the door in blue colour. Make sure to send the door to someone who has the machinery to remove bumps and scratches, before you paint it.

Mosaic tiles in the bathroom are an absolute hit in recent years. Their bonding is not easy, but the result is really great. These tiles make any bathroom stylish. They are easy to maintain, which is very important. You can choose one colour, or you can combine two or three colours, which will create a magnificent effect. If you know some interior designer, he can make a mosaic picture on the wall using the tiles, which will be a fantastic detail for the bathroom.


Passionate fans of the dark blue colour will not resist, and will want details in this colour. This colour is extravagant, but it cannot be used in small bathrooms, since it will reduces visual space and smother it with its strength. The strength can be softened with white sanitation, or some bright details or curtains.



A bathroom can be completely open, with walls replaced with various screens or plants. It may also be partially fenced with attractive tiled walls, or it can be partially covered.

As for the flooring, the choice is almost unlimited. You can set up sand, gravel, stones, tiles, thermo-wood, or some combination of these materials. Some decoration with flowers and plants is an almost unavoidable detail.

Alternatively, you can glaze such bathroom. Thus, in winter, it will not lose its function, and, if you make movable roofs and walls, in the warmer months you can fully (or partially, depending on your needs) open it and enjoy yourself.


You've always admired huge bathrooms and hoped to have one, and finally you have managed to afford that luxury. Here are some ideas for what you can do to get a dream bathroom.


If your home is hidden from the view of curious passers-by, and your bathroom has a nice view, you can always opt for the walls from floor to ceiling. The natural light will shine on the bathroom and bathing will turn into a fairy tale.

In spacious bathrooms, apart from the usual sanitary elements (tub, shower, sink, and toilet mug) there is a place to post things that are not primarily aimed to be there. A lot of people decide to set up a sofa or chair there. In addition to aesthetics contribution, you can use it to store items on it while bathing, to sit on it while applying the cream or getting dressed.

Also, across the plain or whirlpool tub, you can set your TV to fully enjoy bathing. If you just want to rest and relax and not bother your eyes, you can install stereos in the walls or simply put a music device somewhere in the bathroom.

As for the style, material and colour, the choice is unlimited. Follow your instinct and choose the style you're most relaxed with.

If you want a warm atmosphere in the bathroom, you can always opt for the more traditional styles or styles from distant countries – for this purpose you can use colourful tiles.


The bathrooms are often dominated by bright colours. Make an exception and turn it into cheerful colours and make it attractive to children. Make it a real interesting little room, different from the standard version.


The bathrooms are often dominated by bright shades of blue, pink, beige and white colour because many people are guided by the old unwritten rule that these colours best suit the bathroom and there’s no need to experiment with bold colours. However, they are wrong. If you are afraid to apply strong and cheerful colours, you will not know how appropriate they can be. Children should be taught from an early age how hygiene is an important thing, and that the bathroom is a room where hygiene should always be kept at the top level. Help them to grow fond of bathing, teeth brushing, hair washing, all that with beautifully designed bathrooms.

Strong colours are extremely important, because they have a positive effect on children's psyche, that is, when they are in rooms with such colours, children are more relaxed, more imaginative, and more cheerful. That’s the reason to apply such colours in your bathroom. You can even choose the strongest shades of red, pink, purple. A superb effect is achieved by creating a contrast between the colours of the walls and other objects.

You should take into account the fact that the height of sinks and toilets should be adjusted to children. This means that they should be proportional to the height of a child so that the child can use them even when you are not with him or her. If you have a small child, pay special attention to the selection of the toilet board. Its hole must not be too big, to avoid unpleasant situations.

If you do not have enough space to provide your youngster with a bathroom, make sure your bathroom is arranged and adapted to his or her age. Sometimes it’s enough to buy interesting curtains, imaginative springboard for the toilet, or choose tiles in strong and interesting colours.

The visual aspect depends on you and your style, of course, but many people will agree that the most important thing for a bathroom is for it to be always clean and tidy. Of course, it is understood that it should be beautifully and imaginatively decorated.