Interior Design Tips - Never Forget About the Basics

Posted by ExoTiles on 25th Mar 2014

Interior Design Tips - Never Forget About the Basics

The interior design plays an important role in the beauty and attractiveness of the environment. The design process produces beauty and is involved in the decoration of all internal and external surfaces.


The interior design has become an integral part of our everyday life, since beside our desire to live in a nice environment, we are surrounded by public space - shopping malls, banks, restaurants, cafes, etc., in which interior design has become a very important element, by which each of them wants to attract a larger number of people.

Before planning a space you should consult with architects and interior designers. They are the ones that will transform your desires into reality and find solutions to any problems that arise from a functional, aesthetic, or organizational point of view. In addition, they will propose solutions and decorating styles of which you never thought of, but which can fit perfectly in your way of life.

When planning your home design, don’t forget the fact that every room has different needs, so you must have a different approach for each of them.


One of the key areas in designing the interior is the bedroom. Its design and use of materials and lighting fixtures can be adjusted to achieve extraordinary effects of personal preferences and affinities. After day-long commitments, at the end of a hard-working day, the bedroom is the place that you need to make the evening enjoyable.

Decorating the kitchen and dining room is also an essential element in the overall interior design process, because it represents the "centre" of the house where the whole family gathers at the table. Instead of replacing your kitchen cabinets, which can be cost effective, try to change the look of your kitchen. You can replace traditional, expensive wood doors with a glass door, which will brighten up your kitchen and give it a more open feel. Furthermore, you can emphasize this with a few nice accessories, which might complete the kitchen makeover.


A large and spacious bathroom becomes a necessity, not just a wish of many. Women nowadays tend to need a lot of room to get ready to go out of the house.

The living room is the most important area to many people, because this is the place where they can relax and socialize. This room is the heart of our home and there is no doubt that it is necessary to invest a lot of effort in choosing every detail of its arrangement and decoration.

In addition to the choice of style and decoration that will outfit your living room, it is very important to use all the functional space in the best way and make everything as manageable as possible.

Pay attention to natural light and the colour of the walls. Choose a colour that works best for you and brings a feeling of serenity and comfort in your home. It would be best to choose warm and bright tones, and you can also use different colours or decorative wallpaper to decorate the walls and emphasize certain details.

Try not to overcrowd the furniture and avoid too many details, in order to allow space to breathe and offer you maximum comfort and moments of relaxation, enjoyment and socializing with family and friends.

Interior design that includes opposing elements such as natural and artificial, traditional-ish and contemporary, bright and dark colours, shiny and not so shiny textures usually create a harmonious ambiance. Such space almost always looks more comfortable.


Many think that arranging a living room is easy and that it involves just filling space with furniture. However, to make a room looks nice and furnished you need to create a balance between comfort and decorative elements.

The first rule is to determine where the outlets for electricity are and to ensure that they are not covered by furniture. If they are covered, you won’t be able to reach them easily, so you'll have to use an extension cord, thus risking setting fire to furniture. Keep this in mind.

Another thing is to arrange the furniture evenly all over the room. Avoid the accumulation of pieces of furniture in one particular area and leaving unfilled space on the other side.

Do not place all the furniture against the walls. The living room is a place where people need to exercise some sort of interaction and socialize, so if you are sitting in places far from each other, communication will be difficult. Make an effort to create "zones" for conversation, like for example a sofa and two chairs around the table. If there is a large television in the room, create a space that will take advantage of this fact and provide you the best way to enjoy it.

Keep in mind the dimensions of the room and, if it is small, avoid too many pieces of furniture, because it can easily look cluttered. Do not forget to leave enough room to pass between the pieces of furniture.


Tiles are a great addition to your bathroom. They will greatly enhance its look. Tile maintenance and cleaning is very easy, and your bathroom will always look nice and clean. Most of people prefer ceramic tiles for their bathrooms because they are cheap. If however, you're after something different that will stand out, check out glass mosaic mixed with metal.

Kitchen wall and floor tiles will give your kitchen an attractive, but still classic look. They are easy to clean, and you should prefer them over painted walls, because walls get dirty and you will have to repaint them. With tiles you can easily clean the walls. There are loads of types of kitchen tiles and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. People usually go with a rectangular shape of tiles over the square, but you can get whichever you like and your kitchen will look beautiful and sophisticated.

With all everything stated above taken into consideration, you should be able to create a clear picture of what you should do when the time comes to design your own home. Make sure that you explore some other advice, because, when talking about this topic, well, any advice might come in handy.