Shell Mosaic Tiles

Posted by ExoTiles on 26th Jul 2015

Shell Mosaic Tiles

You want a bathroom that shines and make your life bright? Yes, you can bring the lustre and iridescence of mother of pearl right into your bathroom, even in your kitchen. How? Use shell mosaics that are not only attractive but also, long-lasting and functional.

The Perks of Shell Mosaic Tiles

Since shells are purely natural, tile products come out radiation and pollution-free. They don’t fade over time, are water-proof, acid-proof, dust-proof and fire-proof, (resistant to high and low temperatures) too. Above all, these materials are environment-friendly, therefore, you’ll be helping the planet if you use shell mosaics.

Having a superior quality and priced right, mother of pearl tiles are widely available in different colours, sizes and designs which are certainly original.

Many a home owner now use this type of tiles since aside from its natural beauty, they are also practical to use. Hence, these are widely preferred for use in restaurants, upmarket hotels, exclusive clubs and bars, apart from residential homes.

Sea Shell and Stone Mosaic

Beautify Your Walls

Mother of Pearl tiles look great for home wall interior design, and these are typically used as wall covering and surfacing. They give an elegant look to your office walls. When you choose products from ExoTiles to be installed on your walls, you will so admire the outcome with an effect similar to natural stone walling or brick walling.

Why ExoTiles?

We are the only online tile shop which specialises in premium stone mosaic and sea shell as well as stainless steel, stone mosaic and glass. Choose from our wide range of mosaic tiles that come in an assortment of colours and sizes. These are just the right types for a range of wall applications bathrooms, showers, kitchen backsplashes, feature walls, and a lot more. Counter tops will also get that sophisticated touch when decorated with mother of pearl tiles.

Want a hassle-free transaction? No worries. Whatever you order, we deliver it direct to your door wherever you may be in Australia or in any other part of the world. Our tiles are hand-made - every single tile placed one at a time. Therefore, you can just imagine the utmost care we give our products, from production to handling to delivery.

Let Mother Nature astound you with the finest and the most elegant shell kitchen and bathroom tiles . You’ll be proud to show off one of nature’s most spectacular gifts in your own home. Check out our pages for more interesting info. We can help you with your tiling project.